A Masque of Infamy – Free Promotion on Smashbooks

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As part of the side-wide Smashbooks promotion, A Masque of Infamy is free until March 8, 2014. Click here and enter RW100 at checkout.


A Masque of Infamy – The eBook

After experimenting with an exclusive deal through Amazon’s KDP program for the past six months, the eBook for A Masque of Infamy is now available for all popular e-readers.

The current version has been copyedited and includes an epilogue, something I was loath to do, but I bowed to pressure since so many readers disliked the abrupt ending (which may be a spoiler alert for those who haven’t read the book). Personally, I like cliffhanger endings, especially when the story is based on a real life. But what the hell… The paperback, however, remains the same, sans epilogue, but also copyedited. So if there are still mistakes now, they are most likely intentional.






* More online book and eBook vendors that carry A Masque of Infamy can be found on this Goodreads page. *